Weezer – Death to False Metal



“Death to False Metal”

The following is the author’s opinion of internal dialog within the band, and not one of accuracy or based in fact…
Brian and Pat: “So, Rivers, how do we dig ourselves out of this hole?”
Scott: “Yeah, I’m getting embarrassed here. People are thinking Matt was the brains behind the operation, since we haven’t released anything nearly as beloved with me in the band.”
Rivers: “Don’t worry about it guys, I’ve got this covered.”
Brian, Pat, and Scott (collectively): “Oh god…”
Rivers: “Did you guys say something?”
Pat: “No. No, Rivers, we just mumbled, “Yes, God.”… You still have our undying loyalty.” (“And we have a consistent cash stream,” he followed up in his head.)
Rivers: “Thank you, my disciples. My idea? A compilation album of some of my favorite unheard demos that we can rework into songs. Plus a cover. Oh, and a song I’m writing with the fans!” (“They’ll have no one to blame but themselves when it sucks,” Evil Rivers thought to himself.)

Yep, we get reworked songs that never saw the light of day. Weezer is notorious for having a great back catalog of demos, but this selection was mainly one of head-scratching and underwhelming results. This was about as vanilla and middling as you can get – nothing offensive like some of the songs on the previous two albums, but nothing career -defining in the least. Why not just re-record “Songs From the Black Hole” instead?

Grade: B

Favorite Track: I’m A Robot

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