Frank Turner – Demo (EP)


Frank Turner


It is hard to believe that this was the humble beginning.  Since this is not a commercially available release, how about I share my story on how I received this fine disc?  After discovering Million Dead in college (and searching like hell to find their album – I live in the US), I visited their website to many times to count.  When i heard they broke up I was devastated, the realization that I’d never see them tour was sad.  Then Frank told about his solo adventure and posted that he had a demo for those curious.  I told him I was interested and he was shocked that an Statesman was interested.  I finally got to pay him back with a tallboy when he toured through Minneapolis for the first time.  This may be a humble (and imperfect) beginning, but it is where my love of FTHC music began… at the very infancy of the career of a man who played at the Olympics!

Grade: A

Favorite Track: Romantic Fatigue

Second Favorite: The Real Damage

***Disclaimer: Due to the rare nature of these recordings and subsequent re-recording, I cannot provide links to the demo versions, though they are fairly close to the ones linked above.***

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